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Web-studio in Petersburg, Web-design in Petersburg, creation of sites in Petersburg

Web-design - complex(difficult) and many-sided a field of action on this The Web-studio is not limited to three packages of carried out works.

we carry out any wishes of the customer.

Cost and terms of manufacturing depend on your choice, but always on mutually advantageous conditions!!!

192171, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Street. Sedova 80 - 30
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Advertising field
  Promotion of a site
Step by step - " the ELECTRONIC BOOK "

 The individual professional coach, the personal trainer

 SADIC.RU, Children's garden, all about nurseries gardens

 Free-of-charge accommodation of the information on sales, discounts of shops and the organizations of Saint Petersburg
what sites
we do(make)
Control system of a site,
program modules
for sites
The prices and ways
payments of services
Terms of performance
интерактивная доска купить в Астане Вся свежая информация - секс шоп онлайн
Promotion of sites
our clients
Search optimization
of sites
The decision of problems
with a hosting and domains
Vacancies Contacts
    The prices, ways of payment 


  Site-the card (base package) - 155 $
  Site - representation (base package) - 290 $
  Corporate site (base package) - 395 $
  Site-the card (individual project) - 365 $
  Site - representation (individual project) - 470 $
  Corporate site (individual project) - 700 $

Program modules

  Control system and administrations of a site - 320 $
  Post forms - 34 $
  News line on a site - 45 $
  The module of a subscription and dispatch of news of a site - 60 $
  The guest book - 75 $
  Forum - 105 $
  Search on a site - 95 $
  Differentiation of access - 42 $
  Bulletin board - 95 $
  The catalogue of production - 260 $
  Adjusting works - 35 $

Promotion of sites

  Search optimization of sites - 150 $
  Promotion of sites on the Internet - 290 $

Any forms of payment are possible(probable)!!!

  Western Union.

Advance payment - 50 %, other payment after performance of full amount of works!

Essential elements for clearing settlements you receive right after definitions of full amount of works.

The contract on rendering of Internet-services   download

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Web-studio in Petersburg, Web-design in Petersburg, creation of sites in Petersburg